Zack Norman answers some questions about 'Kaz'.

Zack Norman's association with Henry Jaglom goes back to 1973 when
together they were responsible for the release of Peter Davis's "HEARTS
AND MINDS" (BBS/Warner Bros.) for which they received the Academy Award
for Best Feature Length Documentary. Since then Mr. Norman has acted in
five films for Mr. Jaglom: "TRACKS" in 1976; "SITTING DUCKS" in 1980;
"VENICE/VENICE" in 1990; "BABYFEVER" in 1994; and-currently-"FESTIVAL IN CANNES."

Mr. Norman has also been featured prominently in such films as Milos
Forman's "RAGTIME" (1981); Robert Zemeckis's "ROMANCING THE STONE"
(1984); Robert Downey's "AMERICA" (1988) and Roger Donaldson's "CADILLAC MAN" (1990). He also co-starred with Michael Emil in "LUCKY DUCKS," Henry Jaglom's unfinished sequel to "SITTING DUCKS."

On T.V. he is probably best know for his role in Michael Elias's "LUSH
LIFE" (for Showtime) and his running part on "THE NANNY," as Fran
Dresher's Uncle Jack.

Zack Norman has worked extensively in theatre for years, his favorite
role being Berthold Brecht's title character,"ARTURO UI," which he
performed at the Connecticut Center for the Arts (1983). He started his
on-stage career as a stand-up comic in the 1960's, appearing in every
Playboy Club from London to Los Angeles; at the legendary Flamingo Hotel
in Las Vegas; at New York's famed Copacabana Club; and on "THE TONIGHT
SHOW" with Johnny Carson.

He can currently be seen playing the title role in an award-winning
short film by Michael Keegan entitled "THE HAS BEEN."

Under his birth name, Howard Zuker, he has also had a wide-ranging
career behind the scenes, on the production end of the film business,
producing or financing dozens of International and Independent American
motion pictures.

Mr. Zuker is currently the CEO of the American Entertainment Holding Company, the largest owner of intellectual property rights in the world.